A (frazzled mum’s) Christmas Carol

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived,
With stressed mums and dads just trying to survive.
So many events consuming our nights and our days,
Carol concerts, school cake sales, nativity plays.

With absolutely no time to worry about yourself,
Too consumed with decorations, advent calendars, the Elf on the sodding Shelf.
Don’t forget a gift for the teacher and Christmas cards for the class,
And some of that fake Reindeer food to sprinkle on the grass.

Do we have Christmas Day outfits? New pyjamas to wear to bed?
And there’s family stopping by, so they’ll need to be fed.
I’ve put up far too many twinkle lights, just to impress the kids,
So many, in fact, I’ve alerted the National Grid.

Too much chocolate, a vat of Baileys, and far too much cheese,
With no time to work off all those dirty calories.
Because my main source of cardio is now picking up baubles,
That, and hoovering up pine needles and refereeing squabbles.

I’m constantly shopping – online and in store,
I really don’t think my house can take any more.
My fridge is full of booze and there’s food all around,
I’m like a doomsday prepper without the bunker underground.

The mental load is crazy, sometimes it’s all consuming,
And I can’t shake the feeling there’s something else I should be doing.
There aren’t enough hours in the day, I need extra time,
And one thing is for sure, there isn’t nearly enough wine.

Running around like a headless chicken,
Afraid I’ll drop a ball or a plate will stop spinning.
Consumed with creating a Christmas they’ll treasure,
Is it any wonder we’re buckling under the pressure?

Trying to make memories amongst sickness bugs, runny noses and sore throats;
And when the hell am I supposed find time to vote?
Mum and dad are frazzled and everyone’s under the weather,
It could be really special, if we could just keep our shit together.

So, if you’re treading water this December,
Relax and just remember;
Our kids don’t care about all this stuff,
They don’t need another toy, they already have enough.

No-one will remember whether your wrapping paper matched,
If your sprouts were organic or if your house is up to scratch,
They don’t care how much money you spent or the plastic tat they received,
The stuff that matters is much more memorable than that, I believe.

It’s cuddling up together in the warm and watching Home Alone,
It’s karaoke in the living room, arguing over a single microphone.
It’s watching them search for Santa’s sleigh overhead,
It’s them being convinced they heard jingle bells as they lay in bed.

Because the special memories that will last forever,
Aren’t about what you have; it’s being together.
So to frazzled mums and worn-out dads – chill, don’t sweat the small stuff,
Because spending time as a family is, quite simply, enough.

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