Found Christmas tough? You’re not alone.

It’s OK to admit that Christmas has been hard, that not every moment is magical. If you did everything to try and ensure a civilised Christmas dinner but the kids still ended up under the table, running around, and eating almost nothing despite your desperate pleas, then you’re not alone. If your little ones have been overtired, overwhelmed and overexcited, you are not alone.

To the mum with a screaming baby – you’ve got this

There was no magic potion. Week after week of constant screaming would roll by and I would tell myself it would suddenly all slot into place and I'd have two sleepy angels. It didn't. I was terrified and too exhausted, both physically and mentally, to leave the house. The times I did were a disaster and only made me feel more desperate, more alone, and more like a failure and I'd leg it home to the sound of screaming in stereo.

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